Zac McMahon

Zac was born at Lismore base hospital nsw, raised in Evans head and just recently moved out and know living in Merewether, Newcastle. His dad pushed him into my first wave when he was 3 and for a few years it was just a fun thing and then he really started getting serious when he was about 10…

What is your height and weight? 63kgs  think I’m about 5.8

Are you a 1st generation surfer or does your families surfing history go way back? Yeah bit of a 1st gen surfer my dad use to when he was younger but doesn’t get into it anymore

Whats your favourite wave in your home town? In Evans would have to just be straight out the front at main on the bar sick right hand runners on a little east swell

What is your Favourite time of the year for waves? Winter for sure! 6ft and offies all day 😍😍😍

What are your go to dimensions and volume? 

My go to dims for the waves around home and Merewether would have to be 57, 24L. inche smaller then my standard shorty and a tad wider so it fits into the pocket in those fun little beachies 

Which surfer/s or type of surfing inspires you the most? Taj burrow, Noa Deane, and Andy Irons 

Is surfing the best training for surfing or what training do you do outside of the water? Yeah 100% I just surf as much as I can, eat good foods and do a bit of fitness outside the water to stay fit

Would you prefer a World title? or career as a free surfer? World title is kinda most ultimate thing you could win in surfing, but I would love the free surf gig, surf pumping waves all day with good crew and get clips 

One board one wax job? Nah keep it tidy 

If you didn’t surf, what would you be doing ? Probably skating

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