will martin

A Coffs Harbour Kid, Will started surfing at 3 years old – his pushed him onto waves for a few years until he started surfing solo at 7. Stoked, he got his first fibreglass board from Santa at 5…

Are you a 1st generation surfer or does your families surfing history go way back? 2nd generation, Dad surfs a bit now he’s not pushing my brother and I on anymore, but he never got into it full on.

What’s your favourite wave in your home town? My favourite wave is a secret but my second favourite wave is probably Diggers Beach because there is such a variety of waves all up the beach and it’s down the end of my street.

What is your Favourite time of the year for waves? Winter is definitely my favourite time of year so perfect and glassy, gets a little cold though. Weather wise maybe spring.

When did you feel surfing was the career you wanted to pursue? When I started winning grom comps when I was 8 or 9 it made me heaps more motivated to surf. I’ve always loved being in the water but surfing in front of a crowd, especially if you do well, is such a buzz.

Who’s your coach? Lee Winkler

Which surfer/s or type of surfing inspires you the most? Mikey Wright is one of my favourite surfers, I love his radical style and that he throws everything at every section.

Is surfing the best training for surfing or what training do you do outside of the water? I surf as much as I can but I’ve just started doing fitness and strength training once or twice a week. I’m also into free diving and the breath hold training we do really helps in big surf.