Tri-Flex is JRs own EPS construction technology, designed and developed in-house through over a decade of R & D. Not only will a Tri-Flex increase the enjoyment you get from your surfing, but it will also increase your performance level. Tri-Flex is only available via custom order or custom coLAB.

JR’s TRI-FLEX Technology is our high end high performance answer in the surfboard market. With over a decade of rigorous testing and development from some of the best surfers on the planet we guarantee that not only will a TRI-FLEX Increase the enjoyment you get from your surfing, but it will also increase your performance levels.

JR Surfboards Tri-Flex EPS epoxy

Benefits of Tri-Flex

  • longer lasting flex properties retaining performance for longer

  • lively feel under foot – generating speed and pop in and out of turns

  • ultra vibrant white finish – stays whiter for longer

  • lighter and stronger than standard PU wood stringer construction

  • over a decade of rigorous testing and development

The TRI-FLEX construction is unique to JR Surfboards, and has been developed for over a decade with input from JR’s team riders, as well as being tested by some of the world’s best surfers, such as Josh Kerr, Wade Carmichael, Taj Burrow, Matt Meolia.

The valuable feedback provided throughout the lengthy testing and tweaking process, has resulted in the highest possible standard of performance and product to improve the ability and experience for the every day surfer.

Unlike the majority of EPS surfboards on the market, JR’s  TRI-FLEX technology surfboards are designed, cut, shaped and finished in the JR factory on the Gold Coast. This traditional method of manufacturing, combined with modern day technology, means you’re not only buying quality… you’re buying local.

With all construction from start to finish in house, this allows for extensive, ongoing testing, tweaking and refining. Manufacturing TRI-FLEX alongside our traditional PU construction method, we are able to customise all TRI-FLEX boards to suit each individual customer to give you the best of both worlds, the shape your’e traditionally comfortable with, combined with the extra the pop and speed of the TRI-FLEX technology,

The TRI-FLEX name was born from the unique combination of the two carbon fibre stringers on the bottom rails and the single, central stringer on the deck. This 3 stringer combination, creating the perfect balance of flex and spring, unmatched by any construction on the market.

Using the best quality Eps foam core in the market AERO* foam, the blank is cut on the AKU shaper CNC machine, and completed 100% hand-shape by Jason Rodd himself.

The carbon fibre rods are then laid into the board, using the process of routing the foam to an approx 6mm depth and then hand in-set to a flush finish with the foam.

Instead of flat or circular, the carbon rods are made up of the most integral structure known from an  engineering standpoint, as they are uniquely triangular.

Other EPS construction types use flat carbon tape, which is inferior in comparison to the snapping/strength ratio of our triangular carbon fibre rods, making TRI-FLEX one of the most unique, durable and flexible boards on the EPS board market.

Wrapped in a high quality E-glass from Australian manufacture COLAN*’s range of surfboard fabrics, and made with Hi Clear E-glass yarn to ensure a high quality finish, COLAN* Surf cloth is made right here in Australia and is superior in strength to heat-treated and imported alternatives.

JR use the best resin available on the market, KINETIX* R111X Ultra bright surfboard laminating epoxy system from SHAPERS AUSTRALIA*.

Due to these quality materials, TRI-FLEX  boards keep their brighter, white, fresh stick look for longer than other EPS boards which tend to yellow off quite rapidly.

This epoxy resin has been engineered to give surfboard manufactures the unique opportunity to make the clearest and whitest surfboards possible whilst maintaining industry leading mechanical performance properties. The R111B is a high clear formulation with an added UV optical brightener and translucent blue tint, giving you a superior bright white epoxy board that holds this colour for longer.

As an EPS epoxy construction, TRI-FLEX automatically has the feeling of extra floatation and ability to sit slightly higher in the water.

Combined with the strategic placement of the carbon fibre stringers, our TRI-FLEX surfboards offer an unprecedented amount of pop and speed in and out of turns, which translates to extra speed through flat sections in waves.

As the board loads up, the carbon fibre rods (compared to your traditional wood stringer), flex slightly more, and at the same time will return the energy under foot more rapidly than a traditional wood stringer PU construction board.

This creates a livelier more responsive surfboard that generates more of its own speed with less effort.

Using a higher density eps foam core, adds strength but more importantly gives our TRI-FLEX surfboards a great balance between floatation, and the ability to set your rail without that corky feeling of other Eps boards construction types.

The epoxy carbon fibre TRI-FLEX construction holds its flex properties for much longer than your standard wood stringer PU surfboard ,which can lose its pop and become brittle over time, meaning your TRI-FLEX surfboard will perform better for longer.