second cousin
RAILS: Med Boxy Rail
FINS: FCS 2 x Thruster
CONCAVE: Single to Double
TAIL SHAPE: Square Tail
ROCKER: Average to Flat
SUITS: 1-5f fun waves


I have worked on reviving one of my best performing Summer model’s to date, “The Step Cousin”, and adding in some key elements of one of my all-time favourite small wave boards, “The Boxsta”. We welcome to the family, “The Second Cousin”.

The Second Cousin has slightly less curve in the rocker throughout the tail and a wider mid-point which then carries the added width subtly out the tail.  The added width matched with the flatter rocker enhances the speed and glide feel of the board, the result making a more effortless ride while not sacrificing performance.

By running with a similar depth single concave under the front foot, and using the same double concave from the Boxsta throughout the tail gives the Second Cousin added drive while surfing making whilst also making rail to rail  transitions smoother and more controlled.  I decided to run with the same medium boxy rail that I used on the Step Cousin, I found this rail to be the perfect balance of forgiveness and bite.

The second Cousin comes standard with more of a mix between a square tail and rounded square, by squaring the tail off slightly it has extended the rail line about 1/4 of an inch, adding drive and giving the board the feeling that it surfs slightly longer than it is.

All these attributes combine to make this model suited to a wide variety of surfers, and is the perfect step down groveller that will keep your surfing smooth and fast in the smaller stuff.

The Second Cousin is suited for waves 1-4 ft and I recommend riding this board 2 inches shorter than your all round shortboard – Jason Rodd

Available Options

custom order
5'4"18 7/8"2 1/8"22.7custom order
5'5"19"2 3/16"23.8custom order
5'6"19 1/8"2 1/4"25custom order
5'7"19 1/4"2 1/4"25.6custom order
5'8"19 3/8"2 5/16"26.9custom order
5'9"19 1/2"2 3/8"28.1custom order
5'10"19 5/8"2 7/16"29.40Lcustom order
5'11"19 3/4"2 1/2"30.6custom order
6'0"19 7/8"2 9/16"32.1custom order
6'1"20"2 5/8"33.7custom order
6'2"20 1/8"2 11/16"35.1custom order
6'3"20 1/4"2 3/4"36.6custom order
6'4"20 3/8"2 13/16"38.1custom order

You can also build a custom with the help of JR himself with Custom Co-lab – add in some of your details and he’ll call you to talk through nailing your new sled.

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Available in PU Glass or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy

Available in PU Glass
Or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy.
NOTE: Tri-Flex adds $200.

Boards in stock will be shipped in within 3 business days.

Custom Orders:
PU – note there is a 4 week build + shipping.
TRI-FLEX: note there is a 5-6 week build + shipping.

Shipping times vary based on your location.