RAILS: flat deck medium pinched rail
FINS: FCS2 Twin Fin
CONCAVE: vee (nose) to single to double + vee (tail)
ROCKER: Average to flat
SUITS: 0-8ft all types of waves


The Sangria is our interpretation of a playful Mid-length adaptable enough to be surfed in most conditions. The Sangria has a very smooth gradual rocker with a rolled Vee in the nose transitioning quickly back towards a very slight single in the middle flowing seamlessly into Vee with double concave (or spiral vee) that gradually gets more aggressive towards the tail. This gives the Sangria an incredible responsive feel off the tail with plenty of spice and drive. The Sangria draws beautiful lines and trims effortlessly making this model such a joy to ride.

Whether you are just starting out, or at an advanced level looking for a little more of a cruisey pace, you can choose to surf this board in anything ranging from tiny point breaks and beachies, right up to 6ft to 8ft point breaks. If you want to surf this board more aggressively, it is recommended to be ridden in the shorter lengths…  For that cruisey approach, order the Sangria in the longer sizes.

Available Options

6'4"20"2 1/2"33.80Lcustom order
6'5"20 1/8"2 9/16"35.4custom order
6'6"20 1/4"2 9/16"36.2custom order
6'7"20 3/8"2 5/8"37.6custom order
6'8"20 1/2"2 11/16"39.2
6'9"20 5/8"2 3/4"40.7custom order
6'10"20 3/4"2 3/4"41.9custom order
6'11"20 7/8"2 13/16"43.4custom order
7'0"21"2 7/8"45.3
7'1"21 1/8"2 7/8"46.2custom order
7'2"21 3/8"2 15/16"48.2custom order

You can also build a custom with the help of JR himself with Custom Co-lab – add in some of your details and he’ll call you to talk through nailing your new sled.

Order total:


Available in PU Glass or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy

Available in PU Glass
Or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy.
NOTE: Tri-Flex adds $200.

Boards in stock will be shipped in within 3 business days.

Custom Orders:
PU – note there is a 4 week build + shipping.
TRI-FLEX: note there is a 5-6 week build + shipping.

Shipping times vary based on your location.