Disco Bikky 5’8″ x 20 3/8″ x 29 1/6″ – 32.5L

Disco Bikky 5’8″ x 20 3/8″ x 29 1/6″ – 32.5L

Tail Shape: Coffin
Fin System: FCS 2 5-fin setup
Construction: PU
Glassing: Standard Light
Wave Size: 0-4ft
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Professional
Suits: fun waves
disco bikky

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This is Zac McMahon’s second addition to his two board signature series. When we started working on this signature model with Zac we didn’t really expect it to perform the way it has.  Built off similar bottom contours to the Voodoo Redux, using the same single to double to vee, we then took a unique approach using an abstract outline and rail curve we’ve not really tapped into before ! It has hints of the Wharfie and Sloth… but don’t be fooled… This little board is here for the Good times and the bad… Introducing you to the DISCO BIKKY.

Packed with a bunch of volume this guy will have you hoping over flat sections and driving through the slop like nothing you have ever tried before. The DISCO BIKKY features a flatter deck roll with a tapered almost pinched rail for maximum volume but still a sensitive feel under foot when laying it on rail.

The DISCO BIKKY has a beautifully balanced full outline, great for driving of the front foot and making sections in sub pair conditions. The tail area is enhanced with a break in outline around the front fin area, this flyer relieves the width and pulls the tail nicely into a straighter outline that you can really drive off. We chose the soft diamond or coffin tail, we like to call it for the DISCO BIKKY featured from two of our older models the Wharfie and the Cousin it. This tail is a perfect combination of smoothness and hold still with plenty of area.

The rocker is super flat through the nose and tail but with the combination of the single to double concave and a solid vee exciting off the tail it adds nice quick responsive feel helping to put the DISCO BIKKY on rail and to jam it tight, making for critical turns in the smallest of sections.

The DISCO BIKKY comes standard with a 5 fin setup, making this board three boards in one.

We feel it works equally as well as a tri fin as it does a quad, but also with the correct Twin plus trailer setup it is a super exciting and unique way to ride this model. We guarantee the DISCO BIKKY will put a smile on your dial and keep things fun in those crumby conditions you would probably normally turn your nose up at.