RAILS: Med Boxy Rail
FINS: Futures Twin / Thruster
CONCAVE: Single to Double with Vee
TAIL SHAPE: Deep swallow
ROCKER: Average to Flat
SUITS: 0-5ft fun waves


You don’t need to be an alternative surfer to ride this Twin fin. It has been designed to allow the Bipolar Twin to sit perfectly alongside your short board range. The model suits a wide variety of surfers, from beginner to advanced, and is arguably one of the most fun boards in our Summer range.

The idea for our Bipolar Twin started right back when we released the Sloth and brings with it an unrivalled ability to carry speed from section to section, without a hint of drag, allowing the natural Twin fin flow to really come to life.

In the early stages of design we referenced the Wraptor model, and after a few subtle tweaks, we decided to run with a similar outline up front, but worked on widening the tail area, finding a perfect balance between the Sloth and Wraptor tail width’s.

The Bipolar features the same single through to single double concave in the fin area, and vee exiting off the rear fin to tail. The exact same bottom shape as the Sloth, the only difference being slightly deeper concave under the front foot, giving the Bipolar a livelier more performance feel.

By keeping the same medium to boxy rail that the Sloth has,  it has kept the board feeling very forgiving while on rail, although, with the increased concave, the bottom rail edge has become a little harder, adding more bite. This combination offer’s the perfect mix of rail response and forgiveness.

The Bipolar is designed to surf a little more aggressively than the Sloth in grovely conditions, but don’t be worried if the waves do get a little punchier, as this board really loves to flare up in that 3-4ft range. We moved the fins an inch further back than the Sloth, benefiting the surfer by allowing you to push harder through turns, not only increasing drive, but adding control.

This new fin placement mixed with a low tapered tail rail gives surfers added confidence when pushing hard through turns, also reducing the need for using a trailer fin in most conditions. The rear fin option has been kept for those wanting a little more security when surfing in waves ranging from 4-5ft.

Ride the Bipolar 2-3 inches longer than your Sloth or 2-3 inches shorter than your high performance short board.

Available Options

5'4"18 3/4"2 1/8"23.5custom order
5'5"19"2 3/16"24.8custom order
5'6"19 1/4"2 1/4"26.2custom order
5'7"19 1/2"2 5/16"27.7custom order
5'8"19 3/4"2 3/8"29.3custom order
5'9"20"2 7/16"30.5custom order
5'10"20 1/4"2 1/2"32.20Lcustom order
5'11"20 1/2"2 9/16"33.7custom order
6'0"20 3/4"2 5/8"35.4custom order
6'1"21"2 11/16"37.3custom order
6'2"21 1/4"2 3/4"39.1custom order
6'3"21 1/2"2 13/16"41custom order
6'4"21 3/4"2 7/8"42.9custom order

You can also build a custom with the help of JR himself with Custom Co-lab – add in some of your details and he’ll call you to talk through nailing your new sled.

Order total:


Available in PU Glass or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy

Available in PU Glass
Or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy.
NOTE: Tri-Flex adds $200.

Boards in stock will be shipped in within 3 business days.

Custom Orders:
PU – note there is a 4 week build + shipping.
TRI-FLEX: note there is a 5-6 week build + shipping.

Shipping times vary based on your location.