bam bam 2
RAILS: boxy rail
FINS: FCS 2 x 3 Fins
TAIL SHAPE: Round Square
ROCKER: full tail average nose
SUITS: 2-6ft good waves


Wade Carmichael’s go to for the 2019 World tour season… this model covers an extremely wide array of conditions and due to the forgiving shape suits all types of surfers.

When comparing to the original Bam Bam model, The Bam Bam 2 has added rocker and increased volume equaling more flow and speed down the line without sacrificing any performance.

The outline is exactly the same as the original model, which features a slightly wider plan shape for speed and flow,  and a wider straighter tail block for drive.

The BAM BAM 2 has the same single concave running from nose to tail as its predecessor, with the deepest point being between the feet and fin area. The same concave is used in majority of all our good wave performance boards. It is a proven and tested bottom contour which offers plenty of drive and hold.

Although this board has been designed with heavier surfers in mind, the model still caters extremely well for lighter surfers looking for an explosive high performance shortboard.

If you are a lighter surfer choose this model 1-2 inches shorter than your standard high performance shortboard and reap the benefits in conditions 1-4ft

If you are of larger build, ride this model in your standard dimensions and volume and take full advantage of who this model was developed around and what it is capable of. Ride the Bam Bam 2 in waves anywhere from 2-6ft.

The Bam Bam-2 is our high performance model, packed with some extra volume.

The answer to the majority of surf up and down the East Coast of Aus…..You could say this is the most versatile model we have ever released!

Available Options

5'6"18 5/8"2 3/16"23.2custom order
5'7"18 3/4"2 1/4"24.3custom order
5'8"18 7/8"2 5/16"25.5custom order
5'9"19"2 3/8"26.7custom order
5'10"19 1/8"2 7/16"28custom order
5'11"19 1/4"2 1/2"29.3custom order
6'0"19 3/8"2 9/16"30.7custom order
6'1"19 1/2"2 5/8"32custom order
6'2"19 5/8"2 11/16"33.4custom order
6'3"19 3/4"2 3/4"34.9custom order
6'4"19 7/8"2 13/16"36.5custom order
6'5"20"2 7/8"38custom order
6'6"20 1/8"2 15/16"39.7custom order

You can also build a custom with the help of JR himself with Custom Co-lab – add in some of your details and he’ll call you to talk through nailing your new sled.

Order total:


Available in PU Glass or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy

Available in PU Glass
Or Tri-Flex EPS Epoxy.
NOTE: Tri-Flex adds $200.

Boards in stock will be shipped in within 3 business days.

Custom Orders:
PU – note there is a 4 week build + shipping.
TRI-FLEX: note there is a 5-6 week build + shipping.

Shipping times vary based on your location.