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On the Gold Coast, a zone renowned for innovative board design and high performance surfing, Jason Rodd has forged a reputation for himself as an industry leader, for his progressive designs, unique and versatile construction methods, attention to detail, and most importantly, a hands on approach.

Jason Rodd, JR Surfboards

Delivering the highest quality, Australian made boards shaped by Jason himself, and finished in the JR factory on the Gold Coast, quality over quantity is JR’s mission statement.

Shortly after Jason commenced tutelage in Gold Coast Shaping Bays over 25 years ago, his immaculately finished work saw more and more high profile surfers chasing his crafts. JR Surfboards was born and has gone from strength to strength, with little surprise that they have turned up under the feet of some of the World’s best surfers over the years.
With an expanding roster of high profile surfers who have been integral towards the development and refinement of board models, and board construction technologies, JR has been instrumental in the success of Wade Carmichael’s entry onto the WSL WT with Rookie of the Year win in 2018.

JR team, Dion Atkinson, Keely Andrew, Adin Masencamp, Will Martin and Zac Mcmahon, as well as an impressive entourage of high profile surfers such as Josh Kerr, Sebastian Zietz, CJ Hobgood have all been known to frequently enlist JR as their secret weapon when in town, which is a testament to the local knowledge Jason has to ensure not only the pro’s have the right equipment under their feet, but that you also reap the benefits of  the same personalised experience and expertise that Jason has to offer.

“I believe in only producing boards to the highest standard, therefore every board model and construction here at JR is rigorously tested to perform for maximum fun and performance, using the best quality materials”
– Jason Rodd.

Jason’s philosophy of treating every surfer equally, whether they are one of the many elite WT athletes that he shapes for, or the average Jo who hunts down a therapeutic weekend wave, after a hard week on the job, makes JR  the attainable and trusted brand that you can relate to.
The JR brand is characterised by an impressive, progressive range of models, which are constantly being tweaked, refined and individualised to deliver the highest level of performance and fun for you.
From classic Indo guns to lively summer grovellers. From high-performance shortboards to unique retro numbers, Jason’s skillset and experience lends itself to the creation of your ultimate quiver, or simply just your day to day all rounder – whatever your board or wave choice.

Beyond Jason’s design nous, performance focus and attention to detail – JR’s desire to keep his brand and boards accessibly to the everyday surfer at a realistic price is all part of the JR Surfboards experience

Make JR your shaper, You won’t regret it!

Jason Rodd, JR Surfboards