keely andrew

JR’s first female team member is making some serious noise on the WSL Championship Tour. After only two seasons chasing the Qualifying Series, she finished 5th in the rankings, easily making the cut for the big time in 2016.

Keely Andrew – JR Surfboards team rider

Keely’s tenacity as a competitor combines perfectly with her lively and explosive, yet stylish, form in the water. She showed off the capability of her JRs through some blistering forehand snaps in the first round of the Roxy Pro at Snapper, taking down Stephanie Gilmore in the process.

Hailing from the Sunshine Coast, Keely first stepped on a board when she was eight years old, and balanced her love of surfing with her proficiency in cricket, football and tennis , a discipline in which her coach thought she could reach world number 1. However, at 16 she decided that surfing was the only sport for her. Keely excelled as a competitive junior whilst also completing high school, and along the way gained acceptance to Uni for a Sports Science degree. She has deferred her education to take on the world with JRs under her feet, much to our stoke! Keely’s home breaks on the Sunshine Coast don’t cop as much swell as those more famous stretches of coast further south – not only were these protected breaks a perfect training ground for the Qualifying Series, but they also helped Keely fine tune her agility, speed and flow in all conditions, as well as developing a love of JR’s Tri-Flex technology and The Donny model, which allows her to surf critically in average waves.

“Roddy always encourages me with my input on my boards and he helps me to develop my understanding of certain aspects of my boards – not every shaper provides that kind of service and this is what makes Roddy such a valuable shaper to me. Every board he shapes for me is better than the last, which allows me to keep surfing at the highest level I possibly can. His Tri-Flex Tech boards are easily the fastest and lightest things I have ever ridden! They make small wave surfing so enjoyable, and were crucial for me on the WQS and in qualifying for the Championship Tour. Best things ever!”
– Keely

Keely Andrew & Jason Rodd – JR Surfboards team rider